What is SLIDE™?

SLIDE™ is a step by step process for doing brand design and getting it right all the time. 

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    SLIDE is SYSTEMATIC meaning if you follow the step by step process, the right results are guaranteed. 

    It is the first design resource to break down the process of brand design into such simple detailed and complete steps.


    SLIDE is QUICK. Go through the process in 3 to 5 days. 

    The simplicity of the language makes the handbook a browse. The steps are also quite straightforward but detailed.


    SLIDE is MODULAR. Start anywhere in the process and apply to new or existing brands.

    Have a logo already? Build a message and system around it. Already have a system of color and type? Translate them into meaningful messages and universal symbols. 


When will I receive my book?

First copies of the books ordered in September will be shipped out between October 1st and October 11th 2019.

For orders made after the 15th of October, you will receive your book within 3 days of your purchase if you live within Lagos.  

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free for orders within Lagos and N2,500 for the Rest of Nigeria. 

For orders outside of Nigeria, shipping will cost a flat fee of $50 or N18,000.

For purchases of any of the book packages, shipping remains free.

How do the SLIDE workshops work?

For patrons of design, we will be in touch as soon as we receive your order to schedule the workshop for your organisation based on your time preference

To schedule an independent workshop, please contact us directly

What is a book package?

A book package is a purchase of more than one book and is for people who intend to support the SLIDE project. 

They will be available on the site for a limited time only.